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Welcome to the wiki of #ZeroCarbonEmail !

ZeroCarbonEmail is an open initiative aimed to reduce the carbon emissions of email, and especially of email marketing.

For more infos about the #ZeroCarbonEmail initiative please read this blog post (in French) :

We also have discussions on Slack. Send me an email to jloriaux[AT] to receive your invitation.

Feel free to contribute !

For the moment, we have 4 workgroups :

Working Group 1: Designing an email pros charter

No discussion at this level yet, the idea is to list and freeze some tracks and allow some to engage in concrete actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Working Group 2: Creating an information site for the general public

This would allow advertisers to make their audiences more aware of the impact of their email inbox on their carbon footprint.

Working Group 3: Creating a reliable study on the carbon footprint of email

The objective is to work on a study specific to our sector ... which would also make it possible to define which actions have the most important impacts.

For more informations on this working group, please read

Working Group 4: Develop specifications to add CO2 footprint information to campaign reports

This is a particularly relevant track to objectify the carbon impact of campaigns. A global industry methodology could enable marketers to work on their marketing strategies with this indicator in mind.