C02 impact:CO2 impact study

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This study was made possible thanks to the deep commitment of brands and service providers involved in the world of e-mail marketing. Its objective is to help each of us, each of you, so that you can also become a contributor to ecological digital transformation.

An essential challenge for a real necessity!

This study goes far beyond raising awareness and understanding an inventory of the situation that we all already know. It is a way of highlighting our impact in the very particular business of e-mail, but above all it is a way of inspiring you by specifying good practices adapted to the realization of marketing operations, simple and accessible for all.

This study deserves an additional point of attention: it is not based solely on purely marketing data. We wanted to add scientific and certified data to make our recommendations even more meaningful in reducing our ecological impact.

Being all concerned, it is for you, for us, for all those who share our daily lives.

The challenge of digital ecology exists and is there!

"Thank you! " or "Big Up!"

We would like to thank all those who joined this process and contributed to this study.

We also thank all the readers and future players in this EcoDigital bet!

So thank you all and one last word to say to you: #strongtogether!