C02 impact

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Study to calculate CO2 impact of emails

Work in progress. This page will be updated regularly as the progress of the "CO2 impact" working group progresses.

Four priority themes were identified for the #ZeroCarbonEmail initiative, one of which was entitled "Creating a reliable study on the carbon footprint of email".

Our objective[edit]

Objectif of this study is to provide a methodology to calculate CO2 impact of emails, in grammes.

We will focus (first) on marketing emails (not spam or B2B/B2C/C2C 'service' emails).

Our deliverable[edit]

Our main deliverable is an infographic, based on scientific figures more than marketing informations (target date = mid-october to mid-december. action point: check dates of public events on digital marketing or environnement).

Draft version of this study is available on https://zerocarbon.email/wiki/index.php?title=C02_impact:CO2_impact_study

We will provide also a list of actionable guidances to reduce CO2 footprint of a campaign.

A tool may be created for marketing company to calculate CO2 impacts of each campaign.